June 18, 2024

Sift Feature Update: Open Roles

“86% of HR leaders believe career paths at their organizations are unclear for many employees” - Gartner. That is an extremely high mark and it’s no surprise why Gartner ranked career management and internal mobility as one of the top 5 priorities for HR in 2024.

We recently spoke about how open roles can help enhance internal mobility. It can also serve as a benefit for the company as a whole and increase employee retention. Workers who have moved internally have a 64% chance of remaining with an organization after three years, according to LinkedIn data. Meanwhile, employees who haven’t moved internally only have a 45% chance of being around after three years.

At Sift, our goal has always been fostering connections among employees to enhance mutual understanding within the organization. We expanded this vision with Sift Pages, enabling connections among project teams, resource groups, office groups, and more. Now, we are excited to introduce a new feature: the ability to display open roles on the org chart, further connecting employees to opportunities.

Open Roles are now available on Sift across all plans. You can view Open Roles within your organization and your team on both the org chart or on the Open Role pages.

Kinne Cornewall with an open role for a Business Analyst

Currently, Admins can manually add Open Roles to the org chart by clicking the "Add/Edit" button at the top of the page. For every Open Role that is created, Sift automatically creates an associated Sift Page that will house information about the Open Role and which is fully customizable.

A Sift Page is created for every Open Role on the Org Chart

Open Roles are also editable from the associated Open Role page, and edit access can be given by Admins to others who want to administer the page.

To delete an Open Role:

  1. Go to the role within the Org Chart
  2. Select the three dot menu on the bottom right of the card
  3. Select “Delete Open Role”
  4. Confirm your deletion and then the role will disappear.
Delete Open Roles right from the Org Chart

We hope you explore this new feature from Sift and that it helps your employees find new opportunities within their org. Be on the lookout for other product updates in the future and stay up-to-date by subscribing to The Forge Newsletter.