February 11, 2021

Sift Feature Updates: Org Chart Enhancements to Help You Navigate Your Organization

Org charts are essential to helping drive organizational understanding, and Sift’s dynamic Org Chart brings radical clarity to the structure of your organization. We’ve been implementing some improvements to make the org chart experience even better!

To learn more about how org charts can benefit your organization, check out an 8 Step Guide to Selecting Org Chart Software.  

The following capabilities are perfect for everyone, but especially for HR leaders who are constantly interfacing with team members across departments. Find out more about how HR leaders use Sift today.

Customize your org chart view with Org Chart Highlighting

Why we built it

This feature allows users to visually identify different demographics of employees in the org chart, so that they can answer questions like: “Can I view my org chart by location?” or “Can I differentiate remote and on-site employees?””

How to use it

The administrator in Sift may allow users to highlight their organization’s Org Chart by any text-based attribute. This could be a department, a location, an employee type, remote work status, or many other things.

On the org chart page itself, the user may choose from any of the options defined by the administrator, and the org chart will color code cards according to different values of that attribute. For example, you can color code your org chart based on role type, so that you can see the exact breakdown of who makes up your team.

View subsets of your org chart

Why we built it

If you’re part of a company that’s any larger than 50 people, a full org chart starts to get difficult to navigate. If you want to view or export an org chart that is scoped down to a subset of an organization rather than the entire org chart, use subtrees to do that. You can view org charts for specific departments or teams without doing the extra work of actually building them.

How to use it

A user can select an option on a leader’s org chart card that will make that leader the top of the visible org chart. They can then export or share this chart to have a view of only part of the organization, rather than the full org chart view.

For example, you could click into a specific leader’s org chart card (Susan Kempton in this case) and choose “Start From Here” to show only Susan's team.

View and export any org chart view with Expand, Exclude, and Search Reports

Why we built it

With expand, exclude, and search reports, you can view the entire org chart for a specific area, view/export an org chart with some people excluded, and perform a quick Sift search from the org chart view for all the reports (direct + indirect) in your team.

How to use it

Clicking on the “Expand All Reports” option would allow a user to immediately view everyone underneath a person rather than needing to expand lower leaders manually.

Clicking on the “Exclude This Person” option would allow a user to hide someone in the org chart so they can create a view of only the people they want to show.

And clicking on the “Search for all Reports” button would bring the user to the search results page with all of the direct and indirect reports of the leader, where they can do further filtering and searching.

Get started

We’re excited for you to start using Highlighting, subtrees, and our other features to help navigate your organization. Learn more about Sift’s Org Chart.

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