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January 14, 2022

UKG Connections 2021 - What We Saw, What We Learned

We announced back in November that we were part of the UKG Connect Technology Partner Program. This highlighted our integration between Sift and UKG Pro™ to enable key people data to flow seamlessly to the Sift platform via a UKG-certified connector as well as joint-marketing initiatives to generate awareness and share best practices on how to leverage the combined solution to impact hybrid work initiatives.

This past December we were fortunate to exhibit at UKG Connections in Las Vegas. UKG Connections is a three day conference for UKG Pro customers filled with collaboration, knowledge sharing, hands-on learning, and connecting. For many of us this was our first conference in a while and we were anxious to get out and show UKG customers ways to better connect their workforces in a hybrid and remote world.

We gave away all the socks, but plenty of shirts remain

For me the best part of the conference was meeting other exhibitors, learning more about the UKG ecosystem and the relationships between customers, vendors and partners. Hearing from customers themselves on what challenges they are trying to solve. Meeting with some of the ERMs (Executive Relationship Managers) at UKG was good to understand their role and how they help their clients. It was also nice to meet with our Partner Success Manager and others in the partnership area. The coolest moment of the show had to be when two of our favorite users of Sift from Esler and Ping Identity stopped by the booth at the same time. Was a really cool moment and reinforced why we were all there.

Who doesn’t like jugglers?! These guys were great, especially for an early 8am start.

Outside of the show hours there were some really engaging keynotes from the President of UKG, Chris Todd, who talked about the $600 million investment UKG is making in innovation and product development. In addition, UKG GVP of Research and Innovation, Cecile Leroux, spoke on the shift in work methodologies and how we have changed as a society in the way we approach work.

She described the New Rules of Work as follows:

  • It’s about life-work (not work-life anymore)
  • Belonging is critical to attracting and retaining your workforce (comprised of the following):
  • ~Seen for our unique contributions
  • ~Connected to our coworkers
  • ~Supported in our daily work and career development
  • ~Proud of our organization’s values and purpose
  • The key to managing uncertainty is adaptability

There was also a really cool closing keynote from Platon, an Iconic British portrait and documentary photographer. Hearing all the famous leaders and celebrities he had a chance to interact with and take their portrait was extremely interesting. His message of understanding people as they are at a human level was very relevant to the current times we are living in and offered hope for being able to live respectfully and meet people in the middle.

Yeah, we liked his suit

Of course there was fun to be had as well and we were able to see Brad Paisley. Even though I’m not the biggest country music fan I thought he was extremely fun to see live, very funny and charismatic, and he could really play the guitar. Was not expecting him to cover Van Halen’s “Hot for Teacher” but he didn’t disappoint.

We all had a great time at UKG and perhaps more importantly for us that went had time to bond as a team as well. After all, Connections is all about connecting with one another and we certainly felt that as we left. We look forward to Connections 2022 next November! And hopefully this time we will have more socks.

If you would like to learn more about how UKG and Sift can help your organization collaborate and connect with each other better, please visit us on the UKG Marketplace.

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