June 23, 2021

[WEBINAR] Hybrid Work Roundtable – How to Plan for an Ambiguous Work World

Hybrid work is the new norm

As organizations start to transition employees back to offices, hybrid teams will be the new norm. So, what will the future of hybrid work look like? Leaders will need to plan for potential challenges that come with a highly distributed workforce.

This webinar features HR and IT leaders who will be discussing their strategies around how they are adapting to the rise of worker flexibility. You will learn how companies are listening to their employees to drive a working environment that works for everyone, whether they are working fully remote, part-time remote or fully in the office. 

Things you’ll learn:

  • The main challenges that come with  managing hybrid workforces
  • How HR & IT leaders can plan for these challenges and how they’re listening to employees to drive their strategies
  • How to facilitate communication and collaboration in your hybrid workforce
  • The role of technology in building a sustainable hybrid work model

Featured speakers:

George LaRocque - Founder and Principal Analyst of WorkTech

An HR leader and tech executive turned market analyst and advisor with 25 years in the HR technology industry.

Annie Lin - VP of People at Lever

A versatile people leader with expertise in HR, L&D, D&I, and culture, with over a decade of leadership experience across business ops/management and people/talent.

Nicole Vasquez - Co-Founder and Chief People Officer at Deskpass

A thought leader and people leader with a focus on humanizing work at Deskpass – a company revolutionizing hybrid work solutions.

Andrea Bice - Director of HR at Esler

A strategic HR Business Partner, and trusted advisor to senior leaders, with a stellar track record of leading HR transformation and organizational change.

Sarah Parks - Director of Technology at Esler

A technology leader with a unique background in HR with deep expertise in implementing and managing company-wide technology initiatives.

Watch the video below and or/read the full transcription.