February 9, 2021

What Microsoft Teams is Missing – and how to get it

With the rise in remote work, organizations have scrambled to invest in strategic technology initiatives to improve collaboration and connection. However, even though your organization may be equipped with the ability to connect, are you equipped with the capability to discover?

Sift is now available in Microsoft Teams

While Teams may be your communication tool, Sift is the source of people information that fuels your collaboration. Our application brings critical people details into Teams to enrich remote collaboration and organizational understanding by embedding rich employee profiles, powerful people search, and dynamic org charts into Microsoft Teams. In short, Sift equips Teams with the ability to discover your people.

Andy Picmann, Director of Team Member Experience at Rock Central, oversees key collaboration tools to ensure more than 20,000 team members at Rocket Companies can operate effectively in a remote-first workplace. He describes the impact of Sift within Teams: “Microsoft Teams is an essential tool for our team members, and how we do the majority of our communicating internally. Having Sift – which is already heavily used at the company – directly integrated into Teams will significantly improve the way we collaborate with our teammates while also creating tighter, more personal bonds.”

What is Sift for Microsoft Teams?

Sift is the phonebook to Teams’ phone. Sift provides the ability to bring in external data to enrich employee profiles, develop a comprehensive employee directory search, and create a dynamic automated org chart all within Teams. The app delivers the following capabilities to Teams:


Search for employees based on name, skill, location, interests, or education directly from the Teams search bar.

Whether it’s a known team member.

Or an expert to help you with a work project.


And share Sift profiles with others via Teams chat.

And navigate

Access a comprehensive company-wide org chart to navigate your ever growing organization.

To learn more about how to use Sift within Teams, watch this video.

Equip with your people with the ability to discover

Sift is now available on Microsoft AppSource, an online marketplace providing tailored cloud-based business solutions. After setting up Sift, install our app from the Teams store and make it instantly available for your users.

Learn more about how to get Sift in Teams for your organization.

[ON DEMAND WEBINAR] How Sift and Microsoft Teams Enable More Connected Meetings

While virtual meetings can be a suitable alternative to meeting in person, they can sometimes feel impersonal and unproductive. Learn how to make your virtual meetings more collaborative, engaging, and impactful in this webinar from Sift and Microsoft.