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Build Them Up: Onboarding in the Modern Era of Work

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About the Webinar

As more and more organizations shift to a fully remote or hybrid work model, it can be difficult for new employees to feel connected to the organization and their team members. How can you ensure that your employees stay engaged and excited in their new roles in this modern era of work?

In this webinar, learn how Rocket Companies did just that! Hear from Danielle Golas, Senior Director of Onboarding Operations, about how they successfully onboarded nearly half of their employees remotely in the last two years.

Modernize your employee onboarding process

  • Why keeping employees engaged throughout the onboarding process is so important
  • Strategies that Rocket Companies used to achieve a 90% employee engagement rate with their new hires
  • How using technology that encourages employee engagement can help with onboarding new employees


Audra Borger
Former Account Executive

Audra is a sales professional passionate about new technology and improving the employee experience. A former Account Executive at Sift, she helped educate potential clients about how Sift can move their organization’s work forward, faster.

Danielle Golas
Sr. Director of Onboarding Operations

As human resources leader with more than a decade of experience at Rocket Companies, Danielle helps support the onboarding processes to create a seamless and connected employee experience.