On-demand webinar

Masterclass: Build the Best Directory for your Organization

Take a journey with our Client Success team to set up and maintain your Sift Admin Dashboard

A screenshot of Sift's Admin Dashboard

About the Webinar

Join Sift’s Client Success team as they answer frequently asked questions and show you how to build a better way for your organization to find & understand each other. They’ll be your guides for an overview of the backend of Sift.

You'll learn:

  • Methods for integrating data from your internal sources
  • How to set up your customized Profiles with sections and attributes
  • Features that enhance organizational understanding
  • Tips for deploying your org’s Sift instance


Tim Kamen
Client Success Manager

Tim shares 15+ years of IT knowledge with clients, while providing white glove, high-level technical and customer support. Living his best life with his wife, two Pomeranians, and a Yorkie, he gives out more high-fives than David Puddy.

Ryan Orchell
Former Customer Success Manager

As Sift's former Client Success Manager, Ryan drove engagement with our customers at Sift, ensuring that new clients were on-boarded with world-class client service. A transplant from Chicago, he still roots on his hometown teams and enjoys soup season all year long.