Beauty Tools Manufacturer Achieves Greater Organizational Transparency With Sift

Before Sift

Prior to having Sift, the client, a manufacturer of consumer beauty tools, found it difficult to identify the person within the organization that was responsible for a specific aspect of a task or project. Because many of the departments in the company have teams within them – some more formalized than others – which are not represented on their existing org chart, it often took a lot of time and effort to find the person needed.

A Senior Data Analyst at the company explained:

“It was a lot of asking around...a lot of back-and-forth via email and Teams messaging.”

Integrating Sift

When looking for a solution, “the thing that drew us to Sift the most initially was its UI. It was just very clean,” said the Senior Data Analyst at the company. “Also, the fact that it was able to be integrated with Teams… was huge. That may even have been the biggest player” that led to the company making the decision to implement Sift.

As far as addressing the needs of the original project scope, the client realized that they could utilize Sift Pages to assign the informal teams represented throughout the organization to individuals’ Profiles. They also liked the ability to list areas of focus on people’s Sift Profiles, which was “a big plus in our eyes,” according to the company’s Senior Data Analyst.

As they were going through the process of deploying Sift, the client discovered that Sift could be used to solve an additional problem that was on their roadmap. They had been looking for a centralized hub to house information about their tech stack, such as descriptions of the software and the people in the organization that use it. Realizing Sift Pages could be used for this purpose was an added benefit.

Using Sift

The usefulness of Sift at the company is evident in the adoption rate, with 92% of the client’s employees using Sift. Additionally, every member of the organization has the Sift for Teams app installed on their computers, which helps to streamline work.

Since implementing Sift, the company has seen improved collaboration and a reduction in departmental silos. Because everyone can see what everyone else is working on and what everyone’s role within the company is, it’s increased organizational understanding and has improved the onboarding process for new employees.

As the company’s Sift administrator noted:

“[Sift] is going to be a game-changer in regards to our tech stack and getting new hires acclimated to the organization.”
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