Discover New Perspectives on Your Organization

Your organization is full of talent, with hundreds of experts bringing knowledge from a variety of domains to bear to solve your most urgent challenges. But with so many experts it can be hard to know where to start looking.

Sift’s Explore functionality lets you discover insights about the people side of your organization, letting you visualize your talent in new ways to help you understand talent trends while allowing you to drill down to find just the right people you need.
We have team members and dozens of buildings here in downtown Detroit. But we also have team members all over the country and in dozens of other sites. Sift helps us connect everybody in one place. No matter what office you’re in, you can see how it all hangs together.”
Mike Malloy | Chief People Officer

Discover people with similar skills and interests

Sometimes you don’t know exactly who you are looking for. Explore lets you learn and discover as you search.
  • Use filters to find colleagues with the desired range of skills or interests to pitch in on a project or form an interest group
  • Visualize trends within the organization to get a better sense of who your colleagues are
  • Discover colleagues by drilling down until the right person comes to light

Understand your organization

View your talent in a whole new light.
  • Create visual breakdowns of any data point, applying filters to better understand trends across different segments of your organization
  • Pinpoint opportunities to improve talent distribution and drive learning and development programs
  • Use data to drive internal mobility programs and understand what parts of your workforce would be a fit for new internal opportunities

Improve the employee experience

Get a deeper understanding of employees to better communicate and shape their experience.
  • Explore dynamic charts and graphs to get a clear view of skills, team breakdown, locations, and much more

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