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Your organization is full of talented people with a wide range of backgrounds and skillsets, but discovering who knows what when you need them can be frustrating.

Knowledge needs to be accessible to be useful. The powerful Search in the Sift People Directory allows you to search for anything, and quickly find the right people, even if you didn’t know they existed.
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  • Surface results instantly from across all data points in your directory from a single, unified search box
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  • Utilize the interactive org chart to view or highlight specific groups like a department, team, or office location
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  • Identify a project manager for your next, big initiative
"I need to find certain subject matter experts when I am writing code or putting reports together. Using Sift has helped me to find people who know a lot about certain topics that I need help with understanding in order to code or write my reports accurately. I'm able to learn about them before I reach out and get a better idea if they are able to help me with my work."
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Jamie F. | Technology Support Specialist
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