April 26, 2023

3 Things We Learned From Sift Masterclass: Bring Clarity to Your Organization With Sift Pages

Sift’s Client Success team recently hosted a webinar that covered all the amazing things you can do with Sift Pages. You can watch the full webinar anytime on-demand, but if you just want an overview of the biggest takeaways, keep reading!

1. There’s no limit to the number of Sift Pages that you can have. 

Do you want to create a Page for each department within your organization, one for the annual award recipients, or even a Page for every one of your locations? Go for it! Your company can have as many Sift Pages as you’d like. You can also designate others within your organization to help manage them (more on that in a minute).

2. You don’t need to be an admin of your organization’s Sift instance to manage a Sift Page. 

Editing access for a Sift Page can be assigned to any of your Sift users, even if they aren’t a Sift admin. One way that this could be helpful is if you want to allow team leads to manage the Pages for their specific groups.  

Assign Sift Page Editors

You can also assign multiple Editors, or if it’s a collaborative project, you can even turn on editing functionality for all Page members so that everyone has the ability to contribute.

This can be done while creating a Page in the Sift Admin Dashboard, or by clicking on “Manage Editors” on the Page itself.

An animated GIF showing how to search for and add someone to be an editor of a Sift Pagei

3. Searching for Pages just got easier.

We just launched a redesign of the Directory page within Sift that will allow you to search for and discover your organization’s Sift Pages.

A list of Sift Pages of different office locations

Just like with people’s Profiles, you can search for any attribute, such as the title, description, members, or location, and any Page that matches the search query will appear in the results. You can also quickly view a list of all your org's pages, and use the new the new side navigation to swap between Profiles and Pages.

Want to make your organization more connected, inclusive, and productive? Watch the on-demand webinar!

[WEBINAR] Sift Masterclass: Bring Clarity to your Organization with Sift Pages

Join Sift’s Client Success team for an overview of Sift Pages, our way of making these groups more accessible and visible to everyone in an organization. Learn how to use Sift Pages to increase connection, foster inclusivity, and optimize your workforce.