April 19, 2023

Product Update: Directory Gets an Upgrade

We’re excited to share an update we’ve been working on for a long time with all of you: the redesign of the Directory!

This update came from our desire to make Sift Pages easier to search for and find. Previously, you’d have to know exactly what you were looking for. With this update, you can easily search for and view any Pages your organization has set up, such as community groups, office locations, and departments on a list in the Directory.

Search for any attribute – such as Page title, keywords, description, location, or even custom attributes – and any Page that matches your query will appear in the Directory, along with the familiar list of people. Additionally, you can check out the Analytics view for Pages, just as you can for people.

Although making Pages easier to discover was our primary focus for this project, we also took this opportunity to make some general improvements to the interface and design. We spent a lot of time gathering inspiration, analyzing how people currently use Search and the Directory, and gathering feedback. This helped us uncover ways we could improve the layout and overall experience for our everyday users. 

The new table view in Directory allows you to customize your view and easily export the results

Beyond reorganizing the page layout to add Pages, we’ve also added a new table view, which will allow you to create a customized data-centric view. With table view, you can view the attributes that are most important to you, and hide the rest. For the simple use cases, we’ve adjusted our card view to remove some of the extra noise. 

We hope you find this redesign useful! And if you’re not using Sift yet and want to see it for yourself, you can try it for free for 14 days here