August 1, 2022

Bring the Knowledge of Sift into Your Microsoft Teams Meetings

Imagine it’s your first week in a new job that you started remotely, and you’re in a video meeting with a bunch of your new teammates you haven’t met yet. They will probably introduce themselves, which is a great way to learn names and who does what.

But how do you get to know your coworkers beyond their job titles? How can you find out who has specific skills to help you with a project, or connect with people with similar interests?

If your organization uses Sift, you already know what a great tool it is to find people, view the business’ org chart, and learn about your colleagues. Our integration with Microsoft Teams brings all that information directly into Teams, where you’re already working. We’re so excited to announce the latest version of the Sift for Teams app now includes an integration into Teams meetings.

What is the Sift integration for Teams meetings?

This new update for the Sift app for MS Teams will allow you to view the Sift Profiles of other people you’re in a Teams meeting with in real-time, and directly within the Teams meeting (without having to go to a new window or tab!). That means you can keep your focus in the meeting instead (*ahem*, where it should be).

The Sift integration for Teams allows you to access information about other meeting attendees such as:

  • Name, name pronunciation, & pronouns
  • Job title
  • Local time
  • Bio, interests, & skills

You can also click a button to open a new tab in Teams with the person’s full profile.

How to get Sift for Teams

By now you’re probably thinking, “OMG, I want this ASAP,” right?

If you’re already a Sift for Teams user, you should have received the update automatically. Use the “Apps” menu inside of a Teams meeting to add Sift to your meeting!

If you don’t already have Sift for Teams, but reading this blog has convinced you that you need it, talk to us today to learn more about how Teams and Sift work together to fuel collaboration and improve organizational understanding.

Find out how to get Sift in Teams for your organization.

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