September 1, 2021

How to Use Sift Lists – Keep Your Groups and Colleagues Organized

Lists are everywhere, if your desk is anything like mine you probably see random bulleted lists of Post-it Notes loosely affixed to your monitor bezel about to fall at any minute. What are on these lists and why do we just continue discarding these notes like yesterday’s news? Quite a while ago now, Sift announced the Lists feature. The idea was to be able to organize all of your colleagues and work groups and get easy access to them later.

While Lists might not reduce your use of sticky notes completely, it can help you better organize your work-life communications.. Here’s some of the ways we’ve seen people use lists:

  • Organizing formal or informal work groups and allowing others in the org to be able to join and see every member of that group. Now everyone will easily be able to see each other's contact info in the group to reach out, send mass email communications or get to know each other’s hobbies, skills and more by visiting their Sift Profile.
  • Working with people across different business units in an organization, you may want to create a list so you have quick access to everyone’s contact info, profiles, things they are working on and skills they have.
  • If you have a recurring list of people that you want to reach out to on a less frequent basis (attendees for a yearly event, an alumni group, etc), Lists can be a great way to not let those contacts get lost in the chaos of everything else you have going on.

Creating and Adding People to Lists in Sift

Creating Lists in Sift is super easy. You can simply go to the top of the Nav and access your Lists that you created and that are shared with you.

Simply click the Create List button and you are on your way. One cool feature I like about lists is the ability to change the color of the icon and add tags to help categorize them. Adding tags also makes it easier to also search your lists, which we will discuss later.

Creating a Sift List
Creating Lists is super easy, you can even change the icon color

Once you create a list you can add team members to it by simply typing in their name, or importing CSV for longer lists. We’ve found this to be useful when companies are hosting team events and want a way to easily upload all those people into a list for mass communication later.

Adding team members to Sift Lists
Add team members to Lists by simply typing them in or uploading a CSV

Searching Lists in Sift

Luckily Sift makes it easy to be able to find those lists, no flipping through countless notes on your desk or searching through that two year old email in Gmail that had all the attendees from that after work event.

You can search lists in the following ways:

  • List Name
  • Tag Name
  • Person Name

Searching by list name is just as it sounds. You can type the name of the list and auto-suggested names of potential matching lists will appear as you type.

Let’s say you know a certain individual is in a lot of your lists, but you are not exactly sure which ones. Simply click the drop down next to the search bar and search by Person Name and type their name in the search box. Now you can see which groups a certain team-member is a part of.

Lastly you can create tags that give the different Lists you create a category of sorts. This makes it easier to distinguish lists between formal and informal events, work groups, or any label that makes sense to you.

Searching Sift Lists
Search Lists by List Name, Tag Name or Person Name

We hope you better understand where Lists can help you out and how to use them. If you have any questions, drop us a line. Stay tuned for more of these how to articles in the future.

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