September 23, 2022

Sift Earns Several Best Product Awards on G2’s Fall 2022 Reports

G2 just released its Fall 2022 reports, and we’re thrilled to announce that we are featured on 20 reports this quarter and earned 14 badges (many of those for the first time)!

This quarter, we are once again featured on several Org Chart, Employee Engagement, and HR Analytics Software Grid® Reports, which honor companies with the most satisfied customers and the largest market presence. We are also included in the Momentum Reports (which highlight innovative and growing products) for Org Chart and Employee Engagement Software.

In addition, we made multiple Fall 2022 Index Reports, which recognize success in usability, implementation, relationship, and results. We’re excited to have made the Relationship, Usability, and Implementation Index Reports for both the Org Chart and Employee Engagement software categories – and were even named the top product in some of these!

Read on for more about the reports Sift is featured in for Fall 2022.

Org Chart

This is the eighth time we’ve been featured in the Org Chart category, and the fifth we’ve been named a “Leader” on the Grid® Report. We’re also excited to be included in the Enterprise & Mid-Market Grid® Reports for the first time this quarter!

As mentioned above, we also made the Relationship, Usability, and Implementation Index Reports for the first time this quarter and had the highest overall relationship score, overall usability score, meets requirements score, and ease of use rating – earning us those teal and yellow badges you see above!

“I love using Sift in advance of and during meetings to better understand the org chart, who I'm engaging with, and their history. It makes it easy to know someone's role at the company, their teammates, their past roles, where they are located, and some personal facts. The org chart function is great for understanding team size and types of roles on teams, too.”

Employee Engagement 

This is our first time being included in the Employee Engagement Software Mid-Market Grid® Report & and Mid-Market Index Reports, and the third time we’ve been named a “Leader” on the Grid® Report, Enterprise Grid® Report, and Momentum Grid® Reports.

“Sift also gives folks a way to EXPRESS THEMSELVES and bring their whole selves to the workplace. In a world where DE&I is a growing demand for companies of all sizes, Sift enables that for us in a way that's fun and resourceful. From pronouns to interests, Sift really reinforces our company values around showing the value of our human capital beyond the work they do for us.”

HR Analytics

Fall 2022 marks the fourth time we’ve been on the HR Analytics Grid® Report (and third time on the Enterprise Grid® Report)! 

“The best thing about Sift is being able to easily understand all the different skills, talents, interests, and abilities that exist in your company - beyond a traditional org chart or directory.”

We built Sift to bring organizational clarity to the employee experience, and these awards and our 4.8/5-star rating across 200+ reviews show us that we’re delivering on that mission. As cliché as it sounds, we literally could not have done it without this honest, authentic feedback from our customers – so thank you, and we love you! You make us want to work even harder to make Sift the best it can be! 💜

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