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May 29, 2024

The Best Employee Directory Software of 2024

The Best Employee Directory Search Software

Every organization has goals, and leveraging staff expertise will get you closer to them. But how do you find the right person to connect or collaborate with on a particular task?

Employee search software makes discovering and making logical connections a breeze. It helps you create an employee directory with profiles highlighting each team member’s information, including their background and abilities.

We’ll examine the best employee directory software to show you how well they provide insight into who is who in an organization and how to determine which is best for you.

What is Employee Directory Software?

Employee directory software is a digital platform or builder of employee directory, where employees can find the makeup of an organization’s workforce and deep-dive into the details of each employee. The right one will help you create employee profiles with basic information, contact information, and many more details to help you find and connect with the right person quickly so you can perform your tasks efficiently.

The 6 Best Employee Directory Software

Are you looking for the best employee directory software for your organization? Here are the ones to consider.

1. Sift

This dedicated employee insight tool will help you create employee profiles and build organizational charts that display everything about each team member, even ad hoc teams working on specific projects. Sift provides heaps of employee data, yet its design is intuitive and appealing.

Starting Price: $200 per month for 100 users

Free Trial/Plan: 14 days

G2 Rating: 4.8 out of 5

G2 Awards: 2024 Best Usability, Most Implementable, Highest User Adoption, and Leader

Key Takeaways

  • Comprehensive employee profiles and pages that include education, skills, experience, awards, interests, name pronunciation, preferred pronoun, and language
  • Automatic update of employee information and population of directory from LinkedIn
  • Communities and employee resource groups (ERG) connect employees with shared interests
  • Filter functionality grants quicker access to information such as employee projects, time zones, working hours, and locations
  • Microsoft Teams integration allows users to search for people with their mobile devices and get to know them before in-person or virtual meetings
  • Integrates with HR, IT, collaboration, HCM, and other business apps for seamless data import and workflow automation. Users can also request integration with specific apps
  • Customize profiles with branded logos, colors, and other elements to suit organizational structure and culture and highlight specific data or keep them out of sight
  • Communicate with colleagues via emails, calls, video chats, and instant messages with a single click

2. HR Cloud

hrc logo active

HR Cloud’s employee directory tool, Workmates is suitable for creating custom employee directories you can drill down to find employee information and communicate with those you need to complete your tasks. Any organization can use this employee directory software since there’s no minimum user requirement.

Starting Price: $2 per user per month

Free Trial/Plan: 30 days

G2 Rating: 4.6 out of 5      

G2 Awards: None

Key Takeaways

  • Employee profiles are searchable with the filter feature
  • User permissions and approval control access to employee data
  • Can broadcast updates to specific employees
  • Integrates with communication tools and performance management software to promote collaboration among team members

3. Fliplet

30 Best Mobile Event Apps and Conference Apps [2024] - Fliplet

Without coding knowledge, Fliplet lets you build an employee directory app tailored to your organization's needs. Create custom lists that provide a clear overview of your organization's structure and each individual's unique contributions.

Starting Price: $9.90 per month

Free Trial/Plan: Free for up to three apps

G2 Rating: 4.6 out of 5

G2 Awards: 2024 High Performer, Easiest Setup, Best Support

Key Takeaways

  • Can create custom lists that make it easy to find employees based on projects, departments, social events, areas of expertise, and more
  • Search and filter feature helps locate people faster
  • Discovers facility details, including floor plans, meeting rooms, and key contacts within departments
  • Users can bookmark their favorite employees and send SMS, email, and push notifications to specific employees

4. Axero

Abstract logo in magenta and black, featuring stylized lowercase letters 'a' and 'e'.

Axero allows you to create information-rich profiles with robust search functions, making it easy for employees to connect. This employee directory software provides an interactive platform for exchanging ideas and working together.

Starting price: Contact for pricing

Free trial/plan: Only live demo available

G2 rating: 4.2 out of 5

G2 Awards: 2023 High Performer

Key Takeaways

  • Integration with Office 365, Azure AD, Slack, and other systems
  • Enhances interaction by allowing employees to include their personal and work details, accomplishments, and project and collaboration updates
  • Employees can upload content to their profiles, add hashtags for context, and mention people to spark up conversations
  • Customizable profiles showcase company culture and allow employees to add only information they are comfortable sharing
  • Built-in gamification with points for completed activities energizes employees
  • Customized pricing allows payment for only what your organization needs

5. Bitrix24

What is Bitrix24?

Bitrix24 combines CRM, project management, contact center management, time management, and website building with its employee directory functions. The employee directory provides organizational structures and helps users find the right people and resources to complete business operations.

Starting Price: $49 per month

Free Trial/Plan: Free plan available

G2 Rating: 4.1 out of 5

G2 Awards: 2024 Users Most Likely To Recommend

Key Takeaways

  • Centralized directory gives everyone a glimpse into workgroups, schedules, ongoing tasks, activities, and employee work availability
  • Employee tags show employee interests and connect those with shared interests
  • Appreciation badges and anniversary shoutouts motivate employees
  • Timelines display each employee’s career progression
  • Chats and video call features are available for direct connection
  • Robust customization options, including REST API for creating custom apps
  • Varying access and permission levels based on employee roles and positions
  • Integration with dozens of apps via Bitrix24 Market

6. Vitextra


Vitextra integrates with Office 365 and SharePoint Online to provide users an employee directory. You can search Azure Active Directory or Microsoft Entra ID for user information such as name, job title, email, skills, interests, and office location.

Starting Price: $41.58 per month

Free Trial/Plan: 14 days

G2 Rating: 4.0 out of 5

G2 Awards: None

Key Takeaways

  • Layouts are customizable, with dark mode and profile view options
  • Multiple card sizes are available to display up to four user properties
  • Employees can view user status (offline or online presence) so they know whether or not an employee is within reach
  • Using Azure AD as a data source enables the hide feature and prevents the display of disabled accounts during searches
  • Employee directory app placed in Teams automates workflow and enables mobile use

How to Choose An Employee Directory Software

Employee directory software is like the Yellow Pages, but the right one should be more than that. Everyone should be able to find and connect with those necessary to help achieve organizational goals. So, besides your budget, what should you consider when choosing an employee directory software?


Here are essential details to look for, regardless of your organization's structure.

  • Data Transfer and Update: Your directory should update automatically from native and integrated data and allow you to import data from external sources.
  • Filter and Search Functionality: In Kraig Kleeman's words, "Each minute someone spends struggling to find information is one they're not working on their main job." So, ensure your chosen software provides multiple ways to find employees quickly.
  • Built-in Collaboration: An employee directory software should allow employees to connect and engage with those they find in the directory right from their dashboard.
  • Mobile Access: A well-designed employee directory lets you locate team members whenever you need to, regardless of location, so that you can stay connected and productive even on the go.

Detailed Employee Profiles

Choose employee directory software that allows you to build a comprehensive directory so your employees can find all necessary information. That will help them decide which individual or team is best to work with on a project or resolve an issue.

Customization Options

Employee directory software that allows you to adjust the system to match your organizational structure is the best. For example, Sift allows you to add custom fields, change profile order, emphasize and deemphasize data, and create a directory with your organization's logo and colors.


Choose an employee directory software that enables seamless integration with business apps to streamline your daily operations and enhance your workflow.


You should be able to trust employee directory software with your data. For example, Sift employs security measures such as robust encryption technology, third-party encryption tests, continuous automated security scanning and updates of security architectures, and compliance with SOC2, GDPR, and other cybersecurity frameworks to secure data and reduce the risk of data breaches. Other security measures are compliance with CCPA and ISO27001 and two-factor authentication when employees sign in.

Get Started with the Best Employee Directory Software

The best employee software will help create a comprehensive employee directory that is the go-to resource for employees to find help completing a project, resolving an issue, or even becoming familiar with the people they work with. Here’s how Sift can help your employees less time getting their jobs done.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does employee directory software cost?

Employee directory software pricing varies. Some include other HR features such as applicant tracking and payroll, making them costlier than those dedicated to people data. Charges are usually per user, range, or organization, with discounts for annual subscriptions and additional users. However, they generally cost as low as $2 per user per month and up to $200 per month for 100 users, as is the case with Sift.

What is the difference between an employee directory and an org chart?

They both help understand an organization, but an organizational chart presents a visual picture of an organization, while an employee directory provides detailed information, helping employees understand the organization at a departmental and individual level. In essence, an organizational chart gives a picture of the organization as a whole, while an employee directory zooms into the details of each person.

What is another name for employee directory?

Other names for employee directory are people directory, employee list, company directory, and staff directory. They all refer to a resource for employee information.

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