How Breach Secure Now Helped Build A Better Remote Work Culture

Before Sift

Breach Secure Now has a remote workforce spread across the US helping support small and medium-sized businesses with cybersecurity compliance and training. Being fully remote they pride themselves on having an innovative, engaging, and collaborative company culture, but challenges arose as the company began to grow.

Their workforce has grown 73% since 2021 and with that rapid growth had many team members asking who did what at the organization. Adrienne Rappaport, the Director of Talent Acquisition, began looking for a tool to help solve this information gap only six months into her role.

“[Ou org chart] wasn't up to date and it was difficult to connect employees within the org, both tenure and new hires. There were overlapping and outdated software/systems that were causing misalignment,” Adrienne mentioned.

Breach Secure Now utilizes a payroll system for their main HRIS, but they discovered that the provided org charts were somewhat outmoded; they were generated in a spreadsheet which did not meet their requirements. Though Sift’s platform includes an org chart, Adrienne values using specialized tools for specific functions, finding it preferable to relying on a single tool that attempted to cover everything but fell short in crucial areas. In the end, Adrienne explains what made them choose Sift:

“What separated Sift was the ease of use. An org chart that provides information about the employee, a photo, where they’re based, and giving the employees the authority and ease of access to find the people they need without having to involve multiple people.”
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Problem #1
Due to an explosive growth and hiring, tenured employees didn’t know “who works where”.
Problem #2
Employees were escalating questions to HR about who to go to for many things.

Integrating Sift

Before even deciding to move forward with Sift, the ability to use the Sift 14-Day Trial was beneficial from the beginning, as it allowed Adrienne to show Sift to her higher ups and demonstrate value instead of starting from square one and hoping it was the right solution.

Deploying towards the end of the year, Secure Now had an annual holiday party for its entire remote team to come together in person. This acted as a great deadline for getting Sift implemented quickly, as Sift would enable others to be able to know more about each other and break the ice before the party.

Adrienne collaborated extensively with Sift's Client Success team to tailor Sift according to the specific requirements of their organization. Adrienne credits Tim Kamen, Director of Client Success, who was in charge of supporting the rollout with Adrienne and was able to get everything set up and deployed quickly. Within the first week of sending a Sift invite email, 40% of people had set up their profile. Adrienne mentions how easy Sift was for the company to understand.

“I was so surprised, because out of those people who were invited to Sift first, guess how many came to me with a question? Zero.”

Additionally, Breach Secure Now liked the ability to update information easily within Sift. Their phone directory system took time for them to update and Adrienne mentions that, “being able to control your data without having to wait for support to make changes is empowering.” Allowing the employees to update their profile as they see fit and have control from the Admin side to make sure the right people were in the system was a no-brainer for them.

Using Sift

After rolling out Sift to its employees, Breach Secure Now is already hearing positive things from team members. Adrienne specifically mentions how it helps with new hires.

“New hires don’t have the same questions now as they did before. Information is better and they start off on the right foot. People are finding the right person to help work together.”

One example specifically, was with a person in compliance who had to track down people in the organization to complete various compliance related tasks. Now that she could more easily see reporting structures and how everyone fit together, it made her more confident when reaching out to people to complete those requirements.

Since Breach Secure Now is using Microsoft Teams, it helps them in adopting Sift as it is right in the flow of work.  It puts less pressure on getting to know every detail about a new tool. Sift has seen a higher usage due to employees already working within the platform.

In the future, Adrienne sees a lot of other areas where Sift can help. One area is an employee spotlight, which highlights a person in the organization and talks more about their interests. Adrienne sees this as an spot to leverage and encourage others in the organization to continue adding and updating their Sift profiles, making it easier to connect and find each other based on common interests.

As Breach Secure Now continues to adopt Sift they plan to roll-out new features in stages and plan on getting their CSV/SFTP sync setup so they can more easily sync their people data to Sift.

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