May 26, 2021

Sift Feature Updates: Bring Radical Clarity to Your Peoples’ Skills with Enhanced Profiles

As organizations grow, it gets harder and harder to understand who people are and what skills they possess. Employees may know their colleagues’ job titles, but they might not truly understand what they do. This significantly impedes employees’ ability to reach out to coworkers who have the relevant skills to help them solve a problem or support a project. When this is the case, it gets even harder to find, form, and engage virtual teams. 

Employee profiles are essential to drive organizational understanding, and allow your people to express that they're more than a job title. Sift’s customizable Profiles bring radical clarity to your organization, and more importantly your peoples’ skills. We’ve been implementing some improvements to make the profile experience even better.

The following capability is perfect for everyone, but especially for Business Operations leaders who are constantly looking to identify experts and leverage internal resources. Find out more about how Operations leaders use Sift today.

Customize your profile with the “Reach out to me for” section

Why we built it

The current Sift Profile allows people to define themselves “beyond their job titles” by adding context to their personal skills, summary, and background. However, we want to help users better understand what a person does within their job title. “Reach out to me for” adds a layer of depth to employee profiles by adding even greater clarity to your organization and people’s roles, so that they can…

1) Easily find the person they need to help them with their problem at work and 

2) Acquire the background information needed to communicate and collaborate with them.

In short, the “Reach out to me for” section allows employees and administrators to tell others what they should reach out to them for if they have a work related question or issue. Whether it be a certain project, system, or interest areas like mentorship/consulting, now you can signal to others that you’re open to questions and reach-outs on certain topics and areas of expertise. 

A Sift Profile featuring the reach out to me for section

Although you can realistically display this information in your “what I do here” or “about me” sections, “reach out to me for” is featured prominently at the top of your profile and serves as a beacon to visitors of your profile that your door is open. The section also allows for included items to be searchable, creating natural lists of people who work on certain projects or initiatives.

How to use it

The  “Reach out to me for” section will be added (by default) to the top of your profile, and it contains categorized sections e.g. “Projects”, “Initiatives”, “Events”, “Systems I Support”, etc. so that you can easily identify what you want to feature.

The section also contains a general section for anything else that doesn’t fit into a category that you would like to call out e.g. “Sift feature requests, “Mentorship”, etc.

Reach out to me for profile section

Note for admins: You can either sync this information in from an existing data source or have users provide the information themselves. You may also add or remove categorized sections.

Note for admins

Get started

We’re excited for you to start using the “Reach out to me for” section on Profiles to help you understand your peoples’ skills. Learn more about Sift’s Profiles. Or watch a quick overview video below!

Watch a quick overview of Sift's Profiles

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